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Aerospace Business Loans and Financing


Aerospace companies develop innovative technologies that are implemented for national defenses, outer space travel, and aeronautics. To found an aeronautics business, you’ll have to have a thorough understanding of not just engineering, but how to securing funding for your business. 

So you want to start an aerospace business, but maybe you’re not quite sure how to put it all together into a working company.

Just like in any industry, you’ve got to size up your competition. What are they working on, and how are they funding their company? Are they using alternative forms of small business financing?

Really take a deep look into your industry. Discuss your plans with people who already have a foothold in the market and can give you solid insider advice. And don’t limit yourself to big companies; oftentimes they are the least likely to help you.

Other, smaller aerospace businesses will likely provide a much better sense of what you’ll run into when starting your business. Especially when it comes to getting small business loans for bad credit, or securing funding for a small company.

How to Get Advice?

Many new entrepreneurs are drawn to the profitability of an aeronautics company instead of getting through the hardships of founding an aerospace business. But your plans to grow into a top engineering company won’t go anywhere unless you secure financing. Businesses are harder to fund than small business acquisitions, but financing is usually a struggle. Get advice on getting bad credit small business loans here.

What’s New At Kestrel

Kestrel Vehicles

What’s new at our company…

During the first part of 2006 the Kestrel team will be at several venues around the United Kingdom displaying the new systems and giving talks on Kestrel and its future. If you would like to attend an event, please register your interest by emailing us. (more…)

All About Kestrel Small Business

About Us

Kestrel Aerospace Ltd is a small business focused on aerospace engineering that’s about to release the very latest designs in future Personal Air Vehicles and Un-manned Aerial Vehicles. The systems are unique in both design and performance giving Kestrel an unrivalled market potential and bringing safer air travel to the mass market.


Even before the first successful flight of an aircraft, man has looked to fly like a bird and even hover in the skies like a bee or humming bird. The idea of taking off and being able to hover is one of the greatest challenges for the aerospace industry with most of the worlds leading futurists expressing the need for Personal Air Vehicles for the average man.

Over the first 100 years of flight man has designed and flown several types of VTOL (Vertical Take-Off & Landing) systems but apart from the Harrier, none have ever really made a mark.

By taking new advances in electric motor performance and efficiency plus the novel approach of using high performance, light-weight engines for power generation, Kestrel has designed and is building a new range of light-weight Personal Air Vehicles and Un-manned systems for both civilian and commercial markets.

Future Plans

Development of its new patent pending propulsion system is on-going but the future has more install with a new range of triple layer redundancy autopilots and control systems for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market along with new vehicle designs for manned aircraft. As one of the first and most pioneering small businesses in this field, Kestrel is proud to represent offer advice on small businesses and entrepreneurship alongside our designs.

Vertical Takeoff