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About Us

Kestrel Aerospace is an early stage private startup company based in Livermore, California. Started in 2023, we currently have two full time employees plus an established network of small businesses and consultants whose expertise and equipment we draw upon as needed.

We are currently funded through 2025 but are open to bringing in new investors and partners. Additional funding would allow us to significantly expedite our development efforts.

About the Founder

Kestrel Aerospace was founded by Brett Cryer, a U.S. citizen and northern California native.  He received his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 1998.  A gifted engineer and leader, in his early career he worked as an employee of various Silicon Valley companies ranging from small startups to large public companies with thousands of employees,  working his way up rapidly to Vice President of R&D before becoming an entrepreneur.  Kestrel Aerospace is the third company Mr. Cryer has founded.  The first was closed within a year of launch after the US Army awarded a no-bid emergency contract to an established supplier for essentially the same product he had just developed, and the second company is profitable and growing solidly after 8 years in operation.  Mr. Cryer is an amateur military historian, and writes and plays wargames in his rare free time.

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